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About us

We are active
since 2007

We support small businesses,
sole proprietorships

But also big corporations
and companies

We provide services:

  • HR and payroll settlements
  • Settlements of PIT, CIT, VAT
  • Training services
  • Financial intermediaries
  • Tax advisory services
  • Settlement of foreign transactions

We help you:

  • to register your business
  • to choose the best form of taxations
  • to minimize the costs
  • to collect the debt
  • to reshape the business
  • to get finacial support

In our focus is:

  • to provide comprehensive services
  • to transfer our knowledge in a professional way
  • to assist in the provision of low-cost loans and credits
  • to advise how to invest financial assets

Our team

Our clients have the feeling of being cared for from their ”business birth”, learning, development, first failures, bad times until get stabilization and success on the market.

Monika Mika-Bodek

Never give up reaching the goal just because it costs time. The time is running anyway.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.